48 or 72 hours. Onemi said that there are some 400,000 victims in Biobio, one of the most affected areas. Meanwhile, the airport of Santiago has been closed due to structural proble.

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Thursday. On Thursday police seized the first three tons of cocaine on the Atlantic coast of Colon province, 80 km northwest of the capital. The second seized took place Friday n.

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co, the release said. She said that people must keep in mind that they are "all global citizens" when faced with an environmental tragedy like the one in the Gulf of Mexico. "Cana.

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orces as security responsibility transitions towards a full Afghan lead in 2014," and their work together to forge "a long-term strategic partnership." They also discussed "their .

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aid in a statement. "A responsible partnership between the world's two largest nuclear powers to limit our nuclear arsenals while maintaining strategic stability is imperative to .

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alysis to identify whether the remains were Dorner's, San Bernardino County Sheriff's department said. Dorner, 33, was found in the county's Big Bear area in Southern California T .

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ackhoe, triggering the blast. Video images apparently taken with smartphones or dash cameras within vehicles showed fire and smoke rising from the site. No law enforcement officers.

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loyment and training activities for American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian youth between the ages of 14 and 21. Program resources are targeted to at-risk individuals w.

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are International Airport has officially recorded 62.9 inches (159.8 cm) of snow this winter. If Monday snow forecast proves correct, this winter in Chicago will be the fifth snow.

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