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better conditions in rural Colombia. Six key issues will be discussed at the latest talks, including agrarian reform and the rebels' political participation, drug trafficking, re


candidate for the Brazilian Social Democratic Party. The debate would be Serra's last chance to score points. The final debate, aired by TV station Globo, will differ from the prev.


ng to enter a new but worrisome phase. He noted that the once coordinated measures taken by world major economies in early 2009 to fight the crisis had made great contribution to .


umanitarian aid," Clinton noted, adding that the United States is helping the Syrian opposition to participate in the "Syrian-led transition process." The Security Council adopted.


anufacturing sector in the future, President Barack Obama said on Tuesday in a speech at an Alcoa plant in the state of Iowa. Obama stressed the critical role the manufacturing se.

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tion's CEO. "People are turning toward problems, working with their neighbors to find solutions to real problems, from homelessness to the dropout crisis." Americans volunteered in.

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ing and organized crimes. While progress was made in that regard, some 35,000 people have been killed in violence linked to organized crimes since then, according to estimates rep.

ed to all state servants, adding that no amnesty would be granted to the protesting policemen. Government troops were called in to reinforce security of the streets, ports and airp.

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