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d had dissipated and the sea waters had become calm enough, crews were resuming work on the relief well. Crews were getting back in place, and "operations are getting back under wa

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embers of the Syrian National Council, the country's parliament, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on its website.? Full story A blast rocked a government-

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the U.S. core consumer prices which exclude volatile energy and food prices in October increased only 0.6 percent on a year-on-year basis. The unemployment rate, currently at 9.6

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ructure and high inflation. Meanwhile, Capriles took most of his time enumerating the incompetence of the Chavez era, but did not provide solutions. Although Maduro currently leads

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tary Hospital for further treatment. Chavez's return came days after the Venezuelan government released some images of him for the first time since the cancer surgery in Cuba two

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t cables selected from more than 150,000 pieces he illegally downloaded. He has also been confirmed as a main suspect in the disclosure of over 90,000 Afghan war documents to Wiki

80s电影天堂网手机在线 -K2 Korea Movie

round. Due to health reason Fidel sent his vote in a sealed envelope to the polling station in his constituency, where the chairman of the board introduced the ballot of the Cub