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clients, the content of which was made public by Forbes and other U.S. media. Misek said the iPhone 5S is likely to have new features such as a super high-definition camera and sc


es were imprisoned for federal crimes such as drug trafficking and organized crime. Jailbreaks have become more often in Mexico in the last five years as inmate population has gro.


n discredits the fight against terrorism." Cuba's "banking system lacks the measures needed to fight money laundering and financial transactions linked to terrorism," it added. The.


tate threat could open door for US-Syria DAMASCUS, Aug 23 (Xinhua) -- The growing threat of the Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria and the region may open the door for a U.S.-S.


a on Sunday to attend a ceremony marking the 20th anniversary of the signing of a comprehensive cooperation agreement between the two countries. During their meeting, Castro, 84, t.

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ropean companies trying to do business with Cuba to show how the U.S. imposes the ruling outside its own sovereign jurisdiction. In a vote considered as an "overwhelming victory" f.

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ell phones to earlier hijack-crashes, who rushed the militants forcing the jetliner to plummet into farmland near Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and explode in a fireball, killing all.

Park in East London, and of another large naval vessel, HMS Bulwark, off the port of Weymouth where the Olympic sailing will take place. Helicopters would fly from HMS Ocean to p.

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