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t he would return to Venezuela from April 26 to 28, and leave again for more treatment. CARACAS, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Wednesday that he would


stolen his team's idea." But he did not give many details into how the idea was stolen, according to his girlfriend. He was also not happy partly because some of his colleagues wer.


te Hillary Clinton on Wednesday congratulated Chinese people on their National Day and reaffirmed U.S. commitment to working with China to deepen bilateral relationship. "On behal.


vacuated from lowlying areas. Guatemala's meteorologists forecast another 24-36 hours of heavy rainfall across most of the country. To prepare for possible future mudslides, emerge.


of the four victims found in the crash area. "The country is in a feeling of deep sorrow and pain, so I decided to declare national mourning on Monday and Tuesday (Sept. 5 and 6),.

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te more revenue for the state." LOS ANGELES, July 26 (Xinhua) -- Governor Jerry Brown of the U. S. State of California has signed into law a bill easing access to privately funded.

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region. Colombia's northern province of Santander has been one of the worst affected by the 2011 unusually intense rainy season which since early this year has killed hundreds and.

a. Obama was speaking in response to a question by Chilean lawmakers and human rights organizations asking him to recognize Washington's responsibility in the instatement of the m.

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