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g director Bob Dudley Thursday asking the company to hand over "detailed plans and timelines" on stopping the leak in the Gulf of Mexico. Full story BP recovers 24,980 barrels of

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or changing the mandates of the UN mission. "I don't think we're there yet. We're at the stage of trying to figure out among the regional leaders what it's gonna take," she explai

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stan's Inter Services Intelligence agency. Chairman of U.S. Joint Chief of Staff Mike Mullen last week publicly accused Pakistan of backing the Haqqani network and exporting viole

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American. That is what makes this country great," he said. Comprehensive immigration reform has sparked furious debate in the United States in recent years. Both Democrats and Rep

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f aid sent by Syria. The aid, including infant formula, cots, blankets, clothes, medicines, and hygiene products, is the first of the eight shipments from Syria that will total 4

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-Jacques' appointment as ambassador will be his fourth diplomatic posting to China, having previously served in Hong Kong and twice in Beijing. But some Canada-China observers hav

男主挤女主奶喝的漫画 -孕妇孕交视频大全

started on Wall Street and has since spread around the country. Approximately 500 people met outside the Coleman A. Yough Municipal Center and were heading to Grand Circus Park wi