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f the actors that participated in the coup have not been brought to justice. Venezuela said it voted in favor of Honduras' return but stressed it did so with reserves. Honruas' re-

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the two sides will focus on a scaled-back option of cutting 2 trillion deficit. White House Communications Director Dan Pfeiffer on Budget Negotiations put out a statement saying

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ng, energy policy, natural resources, coastline problems and historical archives. VANCOUVER, March 20, (Xinhua) -- The Province of British Columbia (B.C.) in Canada announced Tues

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n Thursday offered her best wishes to those celebrating the Lunar New Year, saying she and President Barack Obama are committed to 21st century partnership with the people of the

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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astrophe zones. She also said that at least 85 people have been killed in the earthquake . ? A man and a boy walk on the street after a 8.8-magnitude earthquake

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ints lower than that in June. The poll covers his personal traits such as "leadership" and "credibility". Meanwhile, the disapproval rating of his government rocketed from 40 perc

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o other points touched upon by Scher. "We find that many other security concerns relevant to the United States come to play in this one region. It is a transit hub for proliferato

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kend. On Friday, dozens of cancellations, primarily to and from Toronto Pearson International Airport, were affected. Air Canada said in a latest press release that it is expecting

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. Many departures were also canceled. Bloomberg issued on Friday a first-ever mandatory evacuation order for more than 370,000 New Yorkers residing in the low-lying areas, includi

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until commissioners meet in a special session scheduled for July 16, local television channel KTLA 5 reported. The coliseum, a landmark sports facility in downtown Los Angeles, al

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aunched the 1.6 billion-U.S.-dollar Merida Initiative in 2008 to help fund anti-drug operations in both Mexico and Central America, the two areas hit hardest by the scourge of or

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