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Liberal Party, mainly at the expense of smaller parties like the socialist New Democratic Party (NDP) and the environmentalist Green Party. NDP leader jack Layton was in the centra


tely quarantined by U.S. Secret Service personnel, and a coordinated investigation with the FBI was initiated," said the FBI in a statement. The FBI said the suspicious letter add.


of Mexico, said in a news release it has paid 104 million dollars to residents along the Gulf coast. The company said it has issued more than 31,000 checks in the past seven weeks. .


ill up to 1,800 people, leave more than 50,000 injuries, one in 16 buildings being significantly damaged, and about 1,600 fires in the region that require fire department response.


rsonnel were injured. The prolonged violence in Syria has undermined the work of UN observers. DAMASCUS, May 15 (Xinhua) -- The incessant violence in Syria extended its reach on Tu.

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orists from reaching cities in central Peru, such as Huancayo, an important regional trade center. Palomino said the protests will continue in central Peru until the Agriculture M.

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) -- Venezuelan president-elect Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday that his government has defeated an alleged coup staged by the right wing by creating violence, while opposition leader.

sed on family visits between the two countries. Cuba's current leader Raul Castro, since taking power in 2008, has made repeated calls for normalizing relations between Havana and .

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