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a Democratic who just moved to Texas from Chicargo, said before casting ballots at the First Colony Conference Center polling station that she believed Obama has done "a good job

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ities of the quake victims. "We hope that once again, with the support of the brother countries, we could stand up to challenge the impacts of the disaster," Oyarce said. OAS Genera

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r and begin shutting parks in September, with all 70 closings completed by July 2012, said California State Parks Director Ruth Coleman. "We regret closing any park," Coleman said

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ntage-point lead over her main rival Jose Serra, candidate from the Social Democracy Party. Teixeira indicated several errors in the campaign of Jose Serra, former governor of Sao

10 Health Benefits: What Secrets Do Watermelons Keep?

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stinian camp of Yarmouk southwest of Damascus, the UK-based group said, adding that one young man was killed and several other civilians were injured as a result. In the northeast

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e to be treated fairly, they deserve to be paid fairly." Under the new rule, minimum wage and overtime protections would expand to cover all home care workers employed by third pa

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more than just an open-minded confidant. Though 67 percent of pet owners agreed that their pet helped keep them more physically active, an even greater number said their furry fr

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Alvaro Uribe, who apologized for the raid and committed to impeding something similar from happening again." However, the Colombian Foreign Ministry said in a statement that it "d

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nhua) -- Colombia's rebel group FARC said Tuesday that it expects a report by the end of May on the progress made so far in peace negotiations with the government. "We hope to see

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, and Australia is an ally for all the years to come." Gillard's first week-long visit to the United States since she became prime minister last summer comes on the occasion of the

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6 After-School Snacks the Kid Will Love

l hold its first-in-the- nation caucuses on Jan. 3, followed a week later by New Hampshire. South Carolina will hold its primaries on Jan. 21, and Florida will vote on Jan. 31. Ne

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